Why Attend RNNC?

  • Become involved in your community and have access to an amazing networking opportunity.
  • Workshops – Several different workshops featuring state of the art approaches to neighborhood improvements, area redevelopments, crime, safety, public and private investments and collaborative initiatives to better communities.
  • Networking – In addition to these informative workshops, the RNNC is a great opportunity to network with your neighboring peers from other states as well as enjoy tours and amenities of the host city.
  • Tours & Events – Explore some of Dayton’s leading neighborhoods and special events as part of the Conference Tours or during your free time.
  • Meals & Entertainment – All meals will be delicious selections. Local talent will entertain and inspire during meal times and as part of evening options.
  • Awards – Nominate a hero from your community for the Stella Stewart and Eric Turner Awards. Awards ceremonies will take place at the conference.