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There are a few items that have become institutionalized over the years. One was how speakers were handled at the conferences. In the early years, for out-of-town workshop presenters, one free night of lodging was offered at the conference hotel and complimentary registration. This has since fallen away to save costs. The other tradition has been the conference format. The Thursday-Saturday approach with an opening night reception and neighborhood tours have become standard fare. It’s always been one of the highlights of the conference. Three full days have been discussed.

Additionally, we have typically held the bidding for the following year’s conference during the current Conference. That way it could be announced to participants before adjournment where it would be held the next year. During the few years where there was actual competition the Steering Committee would decide for the next two years, so cities that wanted to host would be accommodated. Regardless of how many reps a city had at the Steering Committee meeting each city only had one vote.

For many years the host community produced and sold conference t-shirts to promote the event and to cover costs.