Regional NEIGHBORHOOD network Membership 

RNNC Logo 2018.jpg

The practice that was adopted for joining the Regional Neighborhood Network was that the sitting mayor generated a letter asking that their city be accepted. At the next meeting of the Steering Committee, it would be discussed and current membership would vote. If the city fell within a driving distance of the initial 400-mile radius they were admitted.

The common-sense approach taken was that if the city was so far away that participants would never go there for a committee meeting or a conference, there was no point in having them come abroad. Anyone of course could come to the conference but only cities could join the Network.

By 2017, the Steering Committee was comprised of representatives from Bowling Green, KY, Champaign, IL, Columbus, OH, Dayton, OH, Decatur, IL, Evansville, IN, Ft. Wayne, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Lima, OH, Peoria, IL, Richmond, IN, and Urbana, IL.