10:30 A. M.

Grandview Medical Center - This presentation is on site at Grandview Medical Center, a hospital with strong commitments to wellness and wellness education within the Dayton community. It will be delivered by the medical center staff. The topics of discussion will include Grandview’s vision of their role as a hospital serving the needs of an urban community. Grandview is located within the Five Oaks Neighborhood. They have a strong history of serving as a dedicated community partner. Within days of a surprise announcement that another local hospital was about to close down its West Dayton location, Grandview stepped in to fill the void. They immediately began efforts to double the size of the Grandview Emergency room.

Bicycles for All - Providing access to affordable bikes is essential to promoting a viable biking community. Bicycles For All, located a block away from the Convention Center, is an organization founded in 2012 by a few people that liked to “wrench” on bikes. To fulfill their need, they began soliciting donations of permanently garaged bikes, returned them to ridable condition, and circulated them back into the community. Today, this all-volunteer organization provides over 500 bikes per year. Through general donations and from In-kind contributions on adult bikes, kids are given one free bike per year. This workshop will provide detail of how this is done by walking to the facility where a tour will be given. Given time constraints, questions and answers will commence on the walk back to the Convention Center.

Town/Gown Collaborations - Vincent C. Lewis, Director of the L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership & Fifth Third Bank Entrepreneur-in-Residence, will deliver an overview of student entrepreneurship education and ongoing collaborations between the University of Dayton and the Dayton community.  The presentation will be delivered on site at the U.D. Entrepreneurial Center at 714 Monument Avenue in Dayton.

Dayton Breweries - Author Kevin Gray will lead RNNC on a guided tour of Dayton Micro Breweries. He will highlight the economic contributions of the growing microbrewery industry to the Dayton Community.  Participants will be able to view the brewing process at the Warped Wing Brewery, where they will be able to purchase samples of the finished product.


Old North Dayton - Old North Dayton is a diverse neighborhood that has a unique history of in-migration (primarily from Eastern Europe in days past). It is currently a landing pad for a new wave of immigrants and refugees (from Russia, Africa, and various Latin countries), mostly because of its affordability. Given the unique stresses this mix of populations may create, the neighborhood is void of traditional supportive service agencies that many struggling neighborhoods have and rely on. This tour will highlight our grassroots approach to (1) filling this service void; (2) fully engaging residents, business leaders, and cultural/religious institutions; and (3) revitalizing the neighborhood as a whole.


Dayton Art Institute (DAI) - Michael R. Roediger, Director & CEO will give a presentation on the educational mission and collections of the DAI.  RNNC participants will then be encouraged to view the museum through a self-guided tour.

1:30 - 3:00 P.M.