Workshop Schedule for Friday, October 5th (continued)

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership)

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

L - Mediation Center – Mediating the Community – How Mediation Centers Transform Neighborhoods - Aaron Primm & Arch Grieve, Presenters

A presentation about the Dayton Mediation Center's services and the unique ways in which the Center helps provide Dayton citizens with conflict intervention support, including an overview of current programming and an introduction to the Trans-formative Approach to mediation. Attendees will learn about the benefits of having a community mediation center in their own communities and will come away with an understanding of what community mediation centers are, how they work, and what kinds of programming and partnerships are possible within their own communities. They will also learn more about how to access resources and connect with the international think tank that supports this model of mediation, the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, which is also co-located with the Dayton Mediation Center.

E - Hydro Heros - Karen Thomas, Presenter

This is a concept around water protection, education and outreach that is based on the trending Marvel Comic heroes: Hydro Heros.  This thematic approach of protecting the environment provides an excellent opportunity to create water advocates, ambassadors and activists with the goal of creating communities that understand the value and importance of protecting our water sources, resources, systems, rivers, lakes and streams.


L - Social Intelligence:  A Few Practical Tools for Community-Based Group Thinking           Dr. V. Denise James, Presenter

How can we best think together? The question may strike the reader/hearer as odd. Thinking is typically considered a solo endeavor. I have my thoughts, you have your thoughts. When we are deliberating about community matters we sometimes use a democratic model that assumes that each person will come to the table with their ideas fully formed and the best we can do after each side presents their point is to vote (allowing the majority to rule). But there is another way.

W - Funding Neighborhood Projects with Mini Grants - Connie Nisonger, Presenter

The City of Dayton’s Neighborhood Mini Grant Program provides financial support to neighborhoods and business associations for projects that increase capacity, Do It Yourself Initiatives, Environmentally Friendly Projects and other events that enhance the communities.  Since the program started in 2008 more than $500,000.00 has been awarded.  The City of Dayton’s Mini Grant Presentation will share success stories and give examples of the projects funded by this very popular program.

L - Fifth Street Brew Pub - “Building a Community One Beer at a Time”

       Tanya Brock, Presenter

During this session, Ms. Brock will share how a co-op is building a community in Dayton's Historic Inner East. Their success story will inspire you and their honest look at challenges will offer valuable insight into any community-based project.