Workshop Schedule for Friday, October 5th (continued)

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership)

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

W - A Brand New Funk - Dr. William M. Patterson, Presenter

This workshop will explore various aspects of each track offered by RNNC 2018. The idea is examine how Ghetto Genius, a multifaceted cultural engineering firm conducted an exploratory scoping study to discover how organizations from the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and Dayton, Ohio communities mapped out and implemented STEM education and technology entrepreneurship projects that prepared young people in marginalized communities to instigate partnerships to move their communities forward. Workshop participants will gain cultural asset mapping and design thinking skills for neighborhood development projects.

L - Who Belongs - Dr. V. Denise James, Presenter

This workshop will guide participants to conceive of inclusive communities.

First, we will discuss belonging and exclusion as key components of place-thinking (home, neighborhood, street) tied to our ideas of safety and comfort.  Second, we will consider the functions of public neighborhood spaces and how creating robust public spaces both includes more people and for good reasons (increased investment in the upkeep of the community, less emphasis on surveillance, more emphasis on cooperation and mutual support.)

And finally, we’ll invite participants to consider one public space effort that they already do or would like to do that functions as an inclusive place.

E - Welcoming our Neighbors - Melissa Bertolo & Monica Harris, Presenters

This workshop, presenters will review three basic principles of building welcoming communities (Relationship Building; Inclusion of Marginalized Voices; and Community Ownership of Solutions) and explore how these principles are applied in the national Welcoming Standard and in a local context. Participants will learn how local governments and community members can take leadership in creating welcoming communities and will be able to apply the welcoming principles to their own work in their local communities.

H - These Tires Have To Get Out Of My Neighborhood - John Woodman, Presenter

In September 2013 the Montgomery County Solid Waste District (MCSWD) initiated the development of the Scrap Tire Buy Back Program. The program incentivizes County residents to collect scrap tires and deliver them to an event site where they are recycled. This program helps divert the scrap tires from potentially entering the environment through activities such as illegal dumping. This program is part of a larger initiative, the Environmental Crimes Task Force, which engages and empowers neighborhood and community groups to address concerns centered around activities such as illegal dumping.

L - Purposeful Community Leadership Organization - Michael Schommer, Presenter

This workshop will outline the “Nuts and Bolts”, of effective volunteer leading in a community organization and the tools necessary to move from concepts to reality. Our discussion will include the importance of: goal setting, planning, implementation, community building, and partnerships with other neighborhoods.