Workshop Schedule for Friday, October 5th (continued)

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership)

10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

W - License Suspension and Crime Reduction - Randall Smith, Presenter

A criminal record or suspended driver’s license presents a substantial barrier to economic stability and wealth accumulation.  This workshop addresses relief for those caught in the nonsensical cycle of poverty perpetuated by legislation and the courts.  Once in the court system, even if a case is dismissed, fines and fees stack-up impacting the least able to pay, causing the removal of driving privileges and/or forever branding on as a criminal.

H - Building a Community that Saves Lives - Cheryl Scroggins, Presenter

In today's society, many communities are thriving, but some are only surviving. How do we build a community that creates good health and improves people's quality of life? Explore the root causes of poor health and adverse social conditions, and discuss how to create a plan to take action.

L - Hull House Building Community - Marilyn Fischer, Presenter

Hull House, a social settlement in Chicago founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, soon became internationally known for its efforts to build community among recent immigrants from dozens of nationalities. Always attentive to the needs of their multi-ethnic neighbors, the residents and volunteers at Hull House responded by initiating educational, cultural, recreational, and job training programs, supporting labor unions, lobbying for municipal and state reforms regarding worker safety, child labor, compulsory education, and more. Chicago’s first Juvenile Court and the Immigrants’ Protective League are just two examples of Hull House initiatives. This presentation will demonstrate what Hull House did, placed in the context of Jane Addams’s philosophy of community building and social justice.

E - Facing Dayton Neighborhood Narrative - Kelly Bohrer - Presenter

The Facing Project is a community story-telling project that intends to bring awareness about human rights issues and assets of a community to inspire social action.  With the support from an Ohio Campus Compact grant, the University of Dayton has partnered with Citywide Development and several Dayton neighborhood associations to bring a Facing Project to Dayton. Our project is titled “Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives.” We collected stories from community members who have grown up or lived in the Dayton neighborhoods. We aimed to capture the experience living in Dayton, and the challenges or advantages that go along with it.

E - Human Trafficking - Toya Johnson, Presenter

She Has A Name indicates that the average age of entry into human trafficking in Ohio is 15. Understanding the nature of human trafficking and education of our communities are important keys to the reduction and elimination of human trafficking.