Workshop Schedule for Friday, October 5th

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership)

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 

W - Bridges Out of Poverty - LaVar Glover & Katie Klain, Presenters

The Bridges model incorporates building awareness of the unique contributions of each economic class and supports offering educational tool through awareness and practical skills.  

H - Mobile Crisis Response Team - Richard Beihl, Dayton Police Department

The presentation will discuss the stepping stones in developing the MCRT as well as how the focus individuals are chosen.  They will also discuss our challenges and our data collection as well as other programs in the community who assist with the Dayton Police Department's MCRT.

L - Fostering Youth Leadership - Brittini Long, Presenter

Discuss paradigm shift in Juvenile Justice - Why youth development should be important to all of us. Identify Assets specific to leadership, relationship building and community engagement in building leadership capacity in our youth. Share success stories. Audience members will gain a better understanding of youth development and the importance of asset building.  Audience members will understand that involving the community in the asset building process can have enduring results. Audience members will be motivated to build relationships with youth and utilize them as leaders in their own communities.

E - Moving from Code Enforcement - Joe Dulin, Presenter

Over the last few years, Peoria’s Community Development Department has created multiple educational pamphlets, improved its online presence and focused on social media to inform the public of City expectations when it comes to property maintenance. The presentation will focus on highlighting these efforts in the hopes other communities can borrow similar strategies to improve neighborhood conditions.

L - With Creativity and Collaboration Combating Food Hardships - Trudy Elder & Ellen Yoder, Presenters

Come learn how folks in Dayton, Ohio have come together to do just that in addressing one of our community’s most pressing challenges: food hardship. Alarmingly, Dayton is ranked 2nd in the nation for food hardship among households with children. Hear from two engaging colleagues on how they got involved in a network to better connect local food consumers and growers. From neighborhood gardens to markets and beyond, uniquely building capacity and skills, your community can do the same!