Grand Wayne Center.PNG

The map above is the Grand Wayne Center where a majority of the events with the 2019 RNNC will take place. The following rooms and schedules will be used:

Convention Hall
Thursday - Opening Reception

Harrison A
Friday - Workshop: Story Brand
Friday - Workshop: Social Media for Neighborhoods

Harrison B
Friday - Workshop: Unwind Your Mind
Friday - Workshop: How to build Vibrant Neighborhoods

Harrison C
Friday - Workshop: Interrupting Violence & Restoring Community
Friday - Workshop: Neighbor to Neighbor/YLNI

Harrison D
Friday - Workshop: Food Access 101
Friday - Workshop: Dealing with Toxic Stress

Harrison E
Friday - Workshop: Ten Point Coalition
Friday - Workshop: Summit City Match

Anthony Wayne A
Friday - General Session & Ten Point Coalition
Friday - General Session, Keynote Address & Neighborhood Playbook
Saturday - General Session & Mayors Panel
Saturday - Workshop: ABC’s of Community Engagement + Tired-A-Lot
Saturday - Workshop: How organizations are developing homes to improve neighborhoods and empower residents

Anthony Wayne B
Friday - Breakfast Reception
Friday - Lunch Reception
Saturday - Breakfast Reception

Jefferson A
Friday - Pre-Tour Arrangement
Saturday - Workshop: How to start a successful youth program & Your fitness goals can change your neighborhood
Saturday - Workshop: Public Art/Art-This-Way

Jefferson B
Friday - Pre-Tour Arrangement
Saturday - Workshop: Understanding and Managing Diversity
Saturday - Workshop: Building an Uncommon Alliance

Jefferson C
Friday - Pre-Tour Arrangement
Saturday - Workshop: Building Coalition Communities
Saturday - Workshop: Strategies for Making Your Community More Welcoming