The Regional Neighborhood Network Conference is now in its 33rd year and brings together community leaders with diverse backgrounds from a network of 20+ Midwestern cities in several states, including Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee. The conference, which is scheduled for September 19-21 will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana a city of 260,000 plus residents located at the confluence of three rivers. The conference theme will be Play In The Fort.

The Regional Neighborhood Network Conference, often referred to as RNNC, is an exciting two-day intensive workshop and experience where community leaders, neighborhood volunteers, local government agencies, non-profits, philanthropists, urbanists, developers and small businesses gather to exchange information with one another in order to gain valuable ideas to bring back to their own communities. This conference features a wide array of workshops focused on neighborhood improvement, urban design, redevelopment, crime safety, public and private investments, place-making, public art and social well-being. In addition to these informative and hands-on workshops, the RNNC is a tremendous opportunity to network with neighborhood peers from other states while enjoying Fort Wayne’s emerging culture and entertainment.

If you’re interested in presenting or know someone who would facilitate a great workshop, please review or share this form below.

RNNC 2019 THEME: Play In The Fort

As an emerging world-class city situated in Northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne is one of the Midwest’s most notable success stories, and we’re inviting several hundred conference goers to join us in exploring the city through an innovative conference. Featuring thousands of acres of open park-land, a new riverfront development showcasing our natural resources while providing space for all, and hundreds of unique neighborhoods, both new and historic, surrounding a growing downtown, Fort Wayne offers a playground for all ages. The theme for RNNC 2019 is “Play In The Fort” and it is our hope that this will be explored through all sessions, dynamic speakers, tours and other conversations during the conference. Proposal submitters are highly encouraged to not simply touch on this theme, but integrate it into their submission, and will be given additional points when scoring as this is a competitive process.


MARCH 15, 2019


The best sessions are interactive and engaging, offering new ideas and fresh approaches to the vitality of neighborhoods and cities. While many people will submit a standard, tried-and-true discussion, consider doing something unique, something YOU would like to attend, or have attended in the past, and remember how it’s best features can be replicated in your session.

The call for workshop submissions is highly competitive, and we anticipate receiving over 50-60 proposals for a limited 16 available workshops. Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the Local Host Committee, who will consider your submission on the following:

  1. Relevance to the topic of neighborhoods, special districts and cities.

  2. Strength of Content - Does the proposed workshop present a new topic or innovative perspective to an old topic?

  3. Diversity of Speakers - Proposals should not only include diversity in race, gender, age and discipline, but should also consider a mix of new and regularly participating RNNC voices.

  4. Completeness of Proposal - Is this form filled out in full?

  5. Use of the Theme - Does the proposal weave in the topic of “Play” and how to improve neighborhoods and communities through the idea of social infrastructure and interaction.


  1. Single Presenter Proposals (We highly encourage teams of 2 or more in a session)

  2. Single Firm/Entity Proposals (e.g., multiple people from the same school, firm, entity, or city government)

  3. Session proposals featuring ALL academic speakers; it’s best to have a mix of academic, practitioners, government, etc.

  4. Incomplete session proposals.


The Regional Neighborhood Network Conference seeks diverse voices from across the region. We are committed to growing and diversifying the membership of the organization in age, race, gender, and discipline. Additionally, in order to ensure a high level of programming, please keep in mind that RNNC 2019 Local Host Committee reserves the right to combine sessions and direct organizers to incorporate additional speakers and/or material into their sessions.


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Final Note
Thank you for taking time to submit your workshop proposal to the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference in Fort Wayne. These workshops are just one component of the annual program. As stated in the introduction, RNNC typically receives 50-60 proposals for a total of 16 workshops. We do our best to ensure that a diversity of voices, perspectives, lessons, and subjects are shared. This sometimes means asking proposal submitters to consider modifying their session to include a different speaker or combine forces with another proposal submitted to produce a stronger session. Your flexibility with these requiests allows us to maximize the time and space we have available. If requested, would you be willing to adjust your session per our request?