workshop schedule for saturday, October 6th (continued)

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership)

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

E - Developing and Implementing Capstone

       Jana Nicole Graham, Presenter

This panel discussion will showcase examples of writing that students in professional writing courses and internships can do for local organizations, simultaneously enriching the academic experience and meeting community needs. Participants will include two University of Dayton faculty members who have guided students through such assignments and serve in administrative roles to coordinate professionalization opportunities, as well as former students and nonprofit leaders who have benefited from student-community partnerships. For community leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and organizers seeking assistance with writing-intensive projects, this panel discussion will highlight how student interns and university collaborations can benefit organizations.

H - Walk and Bike Audits for Your Neighborhood

      Matthew W. Lindsay, Presenter

Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission "MVRPC" will demonstrate how to use walk and bike audits to educate community members and engage residents on active transportation at the neighborhood scale.

E - Starting a Community Garden - Kaitlyn Lowery, Presenter

How can you start a community garden in your neighborhood, school, or church? Learn the essential steps to a successful project, and start planning for next year!