workshop schedule for saturday, October 6th

(H - Health, W - Wealth, E - Education, L - Leadership) 

E - A Dayton Community Success Story - Dr. Judy Hennessey, Presenter

This workshop will focus on the success of an urban, public charter school system that produces students who graduate from college at five times the national rate for their demographic!  An overview of the early college high school model from kindergarten to 12th grade will include the multiple ways the Dayton community has stepped up to help students be prepared for college. DECA engages students in their community through service, job shadows, and non-paid internships. Adults spanning the diversity of the greater Dayton area have volunteered in many ways throughout the three schools; churches and synagogues have adopted schools; and businesses and non-profits have opened their doors to introduce students to exciting career possibilities. This is a community effort and the results demonstrate what can be done when folks roll up their sleeves, collaborate, and create solid educational options for urban families.

W - The Write Stuff: Non-Profit Partnerships for Students and Communities                          Nicky Adams, Presenter

This panel discussion will showcase examples of writing that students in professional writing courses and internships can do for local organizations, simultaneously enriching the academic experience and meeting community needs. Participants will include two UD faculty members who have guided students through such assignments and serve in administrative roles to coordinate professionalization opportunities, as well as former students and nonprofit leaders who have benefitted from student-community partnerships. For community leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and organizers seeking assistance with writing-intensive projects, this panel highlights how student interns and university collaboration can benefit your organization. 

H - Meet your Neighborhood Doctor - McGohan Brabender, Presenter

There are strong drivers of health care costs today from prescription drugs to inpatient hospitalization services. In 2017, national health care spending reached 3.5 trillion, accounting for 18% of the US economy. By 2025, it is projected to reach 5.6 trillion – one-fifth of the US economy. Whether you are a recipient of Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA open market or an employer sponsored health program, we all pay for this.

L - Greater Old North Dayton Healthy Way Collaborative                                                                 Abbey Rymarczyk, Presenter

Dayton Children’s Hospital convenes a group of partners to discuss active, healthy lifestyles in Greater Old North Dayton. This group is called the Greater Old North Dayton (GOND) Healthy Way Collaborative. The collaborative crosses silos to ensure partners are working together to provide as many healthy choices as possible for the community.  Using the Asset Based model for community development, this group is able to discuss challenges and brainstorm possible solutions.  During this presentation neighbors will learn about Asset Based Community Development, and how it has been implemented successfully in Greater Old North Dayton.

L - The Cincinnati Neighborhood Games: Community-Building through Fun                             Competition - Henry Frondorf, Presenter

For a week each summer, the entire City of Cincinnati comes together for the Cincinnati Neighborhood Games, a unique, Olympic-style community-building athletic competition that brings all 52 Cincinnati neighborhoods together for fun competitions and camaraderie. The week of events begins with a bicycle torch relay that takes cyclists across the city and a Parade of Neighborhoods that features participants from each neighborhood following their neighborhood flag for the opening ceremonies. Events are designed so everyone can participate.  Find out the why, what, who and how of this unique event and how it can be replicated in your community.

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.